Get Ready With Me | Wedding Make Up


Wow! Ok how do I even start, a lot has happened since my last blog post. I have graduated, got married and started a new job! It has been quite a hectic year, so please forgive me for the complete disappearance on the blog.

Loads of you have asked me who did my make up for the wedding. The truth is I did my own make up, I did a lot of extensive research before doing my make up. So, I thought this blog post would help a lot of you upcoming brides on doing your own make up and saving quite a bit of money on a make up artist.


MAC Prep + Prime | Primer 

I started off with a moisturiser, then continued with the MAC Prep + Prime to prime my face. I chose this primer, because not only did the primer create a matte look it also gave me a glow on the high points on my face, also kept my make up in place for the entire day, which is exactly what a primer is supposed to do. This is the most important thing on your wedding day.


MAC | Colour Corrector Palette 

I think out of all the products I used for the wedding, this is my favourite and by far the product I needed the most. As a woman of colour I suffer from dark skin pigmentation around my mouth and under my eyes. I use the orange colour on the bottom right hand side to erase the dark pigmentation. I was honestly shocked how quickly the darkness was counteracted around my mouth. I used a mixture of the top right hand colour and the middle colour on the left hand side to counteract the darkness underneath my eyes. I apply the amount I need and blend it out with a 142 ZOEVA Concealer Brush.


MAKE UP FOREVER | HD Foundation 

If you only get one thing I mentioned out of everything it is the ‘Make Up Forever HD Foundation’, this is my favourite foundation at the moment. Full coverage, but still light weight, this is best foundation for brides, it gives you the most amazing glow and the colour variation they offer is unbelievable, the foundation comes with a pump therefore it is not messy to use unlike other foundations I have used in the past.

My favourite thing about this foundation is how well it photographs, it does not make you look cakey at all!

I used 2 pumps of the foundation and apply the foundation with my hands first. Then I use the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge damp to blend out the foundation, this give me the best flawless finish.



Now for the Highlight + Contour routine, I used the MAKE UP FOREVER HD Concealer for my highlight routine, the product goes hand in hand with the MAKE UP FOREVER HD Foundation. The product is creamy and smooth!

However the one thing I didn’t like about this product is, if I don’t work quickly the product can crease underneath the eyes and it can get very dry, so apply a very small amount first, then build on it if you need to.

I apply the product in a triangle shape underneath my eyes, underneath my contour line under the cheek bone, in order to make the contour pop. Some people may apply it on the chin, but i personally don’t like to, because it can look a bit too much and cakey, which as a bride is not what I am looking for.

Finally once applied you just need to blend the product out with the same beauty blender, however sometimes I do prefer blending it out with my ring finger.


NARS | Concealer + Contour Stick 

I previously done a blog post on the NARS Contour Stick. Just click on the link below and it will take you straight there: 


Ben Nye | Luxury Banana Powder 

Okay guys, now most of you have probably heard of this product from someone or somewhere. I was very nervous about trying this product, because I felt it either will go very well or very bad. Thankfully it actually went very well!!

The product is very easy to use, and the finish is flawless and perfect for a bride! Truly brightened my face and photographed beautifully with or without flash.

I use the Complexion sponge to apply the powder, I tip the powder into the cap, and dipped the pointy side of the sponge in the powder and applied it wherever I used the HD Concealer, so under my eyes and just under my contour.

I leave the product there for a couple of minutes and wipe it away with a powder brush.


Natural Collection | Eyeshadow in ‘Crushed Walnut’

I find it very difficult to find a natural colour as a contour powder, and this is a perfect contour colour for woman of colour. It gives me a natural contour colour, I use the Real Techniques Concealer brush to apply the contour powder, once the NARS Contour Stick has been blended away, this gives me a very chiseled look and sets the cream contour in place.

This is a very inexpensive product and amazing colour pay off!


MAC Studio Fix | Powder Foundation 


I initially bought this to use as a powder foundation, however it turned out way too dark for me, so I decided to use it as a contour powder.

I use this powder to follow up from the Natural Collection Crushed Walnut powder, this helps to blend out the harshness of the contour line and i love it!!!!

I use the 127 ZOEVA Luxe Sheer Contour Brush to blend out the contour.


Topshop | Highlighter 


So I heard so much about ‘strobing’ which is another way of saying highlighting, out of all the blogposts I read on strobing and all the videos I watched on strobing, the one thing I learned is using a cream highlighter then applying a powder highlighter on top!

Both these highlighters are from Topshop, I honestly believe Topshop highlighters are so good for your money!! I have been using it for so long now!

I start off using the Topshop ‘Glow’ Cream Highlighter, on to the high points of my cheeks, but be careful you only want to use a tiny amount, because it can be quite difficult to blend the cream highlighter.

The big powder highlighter I have been using it for so long now and honestly it is one of my holy grail highlighter. I use my fingers to apply the powder highlighter on top of the cream highlighter and it is the most amazing combination I have used!!!!!

The perfect bridal glow!


Seventeen 17 | Blusher 

I’ve never been a fan of blusher, possibly because I find it a nightmare trying to find the right colour for my complexion. However, since I’ve been in sixth form I’ve had this blusher, it is the perfect blush colour for me, it goes perfectly with my bronzer and highlighter!



MAKE UP GEEK | Eyeshadows


Colour: Creme Brulee

Applied: Under the brow bone

With: 221 ZOEVA Soft Crease Brush


Colour: Glamourous

Applied: All over the lid

With: 234 ZOEVA Smoky Shader


Colour: Shimma Shimma

Applied: Middle of lid – catches the light very well

With: 234 ZOEVA Smokey Shader


Colour: Cocoa Bear

Applied: Crease of the eye

With: 224 ZOEVA Crease Brush


Colour: Creme Brulee

Applied: Under the brow bone – Blend the colours and the harsh lines

With: 221 ZOEVA Soft Crease Brush


Colour: Mocha

Applied: Define the outer corner and a tiny bit into the crease

With: 231 ZOEVA Petit Crease Brush

  • Afterwards blend with Creme Brulee to get rid of the harsh lines


Colour: Corrupt

Applied: Very tiny bit on the outer corner – so it doesn’t come out very harsh

With: 231 ZOEVA Petit Crease Brush


INGLOT | Gel Liner 

GUYS! This is the first gel liner I have ever used! and I am sad I didn’t buy this sooner, I had my eye on this for a while, but I never got round to buying it. However, I knew I needed this for the wedding!

It is very smooth to use, it lasts all day! It is actually a pain to take off, because it is waterproof and does not budge!!

And the colour.. OMG the colour is amazing, I’ve never used a eyeliner that is this jet black!

Definitely worth the buy!


LASH Sensational by MAYBELINE + Benefit They’re Real! + MAC False Lashes Extreme Black | Mascara Combo

The LASH Sensational Mascara on its own is very good! Makes your lashes look fuller, longer but not the volume I wanted, so I combined the LASH Sensational with the Benefit They’re Real mascara and it created the best lash combo!

I used the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black for my bottom lashes, I actually got this as a tester from MAC, when I went for a Make Up trial, which brides I definitely recommend it!


EYLURE EXAGGERATE No. 143 | Fake Lashes 

I wanted to go for a natural but glam look and these lashes were perfect for this! However I didn’t like the glue that came with the lashes!

I wore three different lashes over the three different days and by far these were my favorite!!

Here is a closer look at the eye look!


Photography by: Weddplanner Wedding Studio



MAC Ruby Woo | Matte Lips

I wanted the classic red lip! My friend recommended the MAC Ruby Woo, and oh my I owe her the biggest thank you! This red lipstick was perfect for me! I genuinely believe this colour suits all skin complexions which is very rare

However, I did find the red very bright, so I lined my lips with the Topshop Red Lip Liner first! Using a lip liner before applying the lipstick, allows the lipstick to stay on the lips longer.

After I applied the lipstick, I used the MAC Current Lip Liner so the red isn’t as bright and create a bit of an ombre lip! Just to darken the outer lines of the lip.


Just To Finish The Look…

MAC Fix+ | Setting Spray 

For my engagement as you guys know I used the Urban Decay Setting Spray …

GUYS I think I actually prefer the MAC Fix+ over the Urban Decay Setting Spray! I can’t believe I’m saying that! The setting spray made my make up last the entire day and kept me refreshed!

TIP: If you spray the Fix+ directly where you applied your highlight on the cheekbones, it makes the highlight stand out like anything you have ever seen!!  


So guys thats it! That is my wedding make up, and it worked perfectly for me and I hope the products and the little tips and tricks works for you as well! Let me know if there are any products I have mentioned you would like a in depth review about!

I am planning on doing a review on the ZOEVA Brushes soon!

Thank you for reading guys!

Enjoy 😀




MAC | Face and Body Foundation


I have tried my fair share of foundations! If you guys are looking for a foundation to wear everyday, however also be able to wear it on a night out or a special occasion. I recommend to you MAC Face and Body Foundation and I’ll let you know why.

As I’ve told you guys so many times I have oily skin! So I’m always quite scared of using foundations that claim to have a dewy finish.

But guys honestly, this foundation is the only foundation I have been using since December! I’ve been using this all of winter and I am still using it NOW!

One of the main reasons I dived into buying MAC Face and Body Foundation, is the fact that in pictures the foundation does not leave a white back flash. It honestly doesn’t! I have been looking for a foundation like this for so long!

In December I went to India and I LOVED using this foundation in India.

I normally hate wearing foundation in India, because it is really hot and humid, but when I wore this foundation in India, I couldn’t believe how light weight this foundation was on my skin. It is definitely a build able foundation, but I only put one layer and blend the foundation with my Real Techniques Beauty Blender.

I would definitely use a setting powder, after applying the Face and Body Foundation, because I noticed I became oily especially under my eyes and my T-Zone. I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder, this is actually my holy grail setting powder now! The MAC Face and Body with the Rimmel Stay Matte, kept my face oil free.

When I came back from India, I don’t know what it was, I think it may have been the drastic weather change. But I started getting dry patches on my cheeks. I used MAC Face and Body and it just covered up my dry patches without it being flaky afterwards and I was truly impressed!!

The MAC Face and Body Foundation doesn’t cover up dark under eye circles, but I don’t like using concealers. I use my MAC Studio Fix Foundation which has a high coverage, under my eyes and set it with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. It is my perfect combo and it has been for months now!!

Check out my Instagram to see photos of me wearing the MAC Face and Body Foundation!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions just follow me on my social media pages and ask away!

Good Luck 🙂 x

MAC Face and Body Foundation £21.50


Bootea – ‘The Teatox for Weightloss’


GUYS! Can I start by apologising for being away for SO LONG! It has been a good couple of months, but also a very busy couple of months. Please forgive me!

This is a very different review compared to my usual ones. I asked quite a few of you guys whether you wanted to see a review for ‘Bootea’ and most of you said you wanted a review on the most hyped about Teatox.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, I’m writing this review based on my body shape, and my lifestyle! 

What is Bootea?

Some of you guys might be thinking, what on earth is ‘Bootea’, it is a tea DUH! but its a tea with natural ingredients, that is supposed to promote and aid weightloss. Also, helping to get you back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Helping speed metabolism, giving you energy during the day and overall weight loss.

Why did I choose Bootea?

I chose Bootea, because one of my best friends was using Bootea during Summer and I saw a significant weight loss for her and I have being toying with the idea of using Bootea, but only recently did I dive into the hype.

How I use it

Okay so, I bought the 14 day detox, they have the 28 day detox as well, but that seemed kind of long for me, if I’m being honest with you guys.

The 14 day teatox comes with a day time cleanse and a night time cleanse. There are 14 teabags in the daytime cleanse and 7 teabags in the night time cleanse. You have to use the night time cleanse every other night and the day time cleanse everyday.

I drink the daytime tea every morning with my breakfast. I just boil some water, take one teabag and leave it for 3 minutes. if you don’t get time to drink it in the morning, you can drink it when you remember.

I drink the night time tea, just before I go to sleep and I do the same thing as I did for the day time tea.


This is probably what you guys actually want to know. I took before and after photos (which I can show upon request to individuals, but I won’t be posting any in this blog post, sorry guys!) I have seen quite a big difference in my body after using Bootea. My stomach has gone flatter and I have lost weight. I have been told this by my family members, my friends and my fiance.

HOWEVER!!!!!! I go to the gym 3 times a week and I have been going for the past 3 months and I eat healthy as much as I can. I do have my cheat days and I eat whatever I want if I crave it, but just in very small portions.

Bootea, has helped me to surpress my cravings. I don’t feel to eat as much as I wanted to before. It has definitely helped me to not snack as much during the day and in the evening.

TMI: The night time tea does have a laxative effect. It is supposed to work after 8 hours after drinking the night time tea, but it worked differently for me, because some nights after I drink the tea, the laxative effect works straight away. However, sometimes it just worked in the morning or sometimes it did not work at all. What is weirder is that the daytime tea actually created more of a laxative effect for me than the night time tea!  Just in case you guys are worried, I wouldn’t drink the day time tea just before you’re about to leave the house or drink it while you’re out. 

Extra Stuff They May Not Tell You: Bootea, does have a eating plan, what they do not tell you is that, for the Bootea to have significant results you would have to be vegetarian. I did not use their eating plan and I wasn’t completely vegetarian. I tried to stick to chicken and fish, so no red meat. If you guys want me to give details of what I ate just let me know and I’ll post it on my ‘Priya’s Honest Reviews’ Facebook page.

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the taste at first. If you like herbal teas, peppermint/green teas, you might like this. I’m more of an English Breakfast Tea drinker. However, 5 days into the teatox I sort of got used to the taste. The daytime tea has a weaker taste to the night time tea.

I was put off by how expensive Bootea was, there are definitely cheaper alternatives to the Bootea, which probably have the exact same effect.

Overall: I liked Bootea, because it kept me on track and motivated me to stay healthy. I feel a lot more cleansed and refreshed. I had a lot more energy in the gym after drinking the Bootea. Seeing positive results after drinking the tea and being less bloated was definitely worth it. I would say 70% of the results was due to going to the gym and eating healthy as well.

Rating: 7/10

Bootea 14 day Teatox £19.99

You can pick up the Bootea in Holland & Barrett.
Just click on the picture below and it will take you to the website. I will leave a link to their website and I will leave some before and after pictures of other people who have tried Bootea as well.

Thank you for reading this very long blogpost! Good luck and let me know if you guys buy it!

Follow me on any of my social media links to know more 🙂 x



The Body Shop | Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil



Guys, I am back with one of my favorite products for the past few months!! I’m going to keep this post a short and sweet one! (for once)

This is one of my first skin cleansing oils I’ve ever bought. I’ve always been a little hesitant using oils on my skin, because as you guys know I have oily skin! but this skin cleansing oil DOES NOT leave your face oily at all so don’t worry!!

Okay I’ve heard a lot about this skincare product from so many different bloggers and honestly it does live up to its hype!!

How to use it:

I use this after a long day, to remove my make up.
I wash my face with 1-2 pumps of the cleansing oil.
The oil turns into a milky texture as you rub it into your skin!
and literally removes all my make up, even my waterproof make up!

I just use my Botanics Hydrating Night Cream after the cleansing oil and I just think together they’re just a perfect combo for the skin.

My thoughts! 

The smell of the cleansing oil is AMAZING! its weird but i feel so relaxed and refreshed after washing my face with it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean!

The fact that it removes all my make up and i don’t have to go under my eye with my make up wipe and take off my panda eyes (excess eyeliner) is just amazing to me!

It doesn’t leave my skin oily at all which is a complete bonus! Doesn’t clog my pores or break me out.

Ladies you know when its just that time of the month and your skin is just not working with you? Well I use this cleansing oil and my skin is actually decent during that time of the month! SO BIG THUMBS UP FOR THAT!!

My only downer for the cleansing oil is that, it doesn’t foam when you rub it on your skin. I miss that thick foaming of a cleansing product. Needless to say it does leave my skin feeling super clean, so can’t complain too much!

The Body Shop ‘Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil’ £10.00 

yes it is a bit pricey, so I would definitely recommend you guys to add it to your Christmas wish list!

Overall Rating 9/10 


MAC | Prep + Prime Highlighter


There has been so much hype behind the MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter for so long now! I’m going to be honest with you guys it’s a pretty awesome product to have in your make up bag. This is a product I can not tell you guys how many times I’ve gone back and forth about buying it or not, for so many different reasons. BUT, my sister actually bought this for me for my 21st! (Yea she’s pretty cool).

Things I Loved! 
First of all can we talk about how sleek the product itself is. I am a sucker for packaging, I just love the packaging for the Prep + Prime! But anyway..

As a dark skinned girl, I can tell you that this is truly a HIGHLIGHTER, not just a overly light concealer that makes you look patchy under the eye! HOWEVER, bless my sister she got it for me one shade lighter then it should be. The colour I have is ‘Light Boost’, so I would recommend to you ladies of the NW45 or darker ‘Peach Lustre’ is the best for under eye highlight, which is the one I will be getting soon.

Saying that, the ‘Light Boost’, gives my under eye the highlight it actually needs. I see a significant difference in my make up overall. Making my face look awake and my under eye just stands out!

I love the formula of the product itself, it is a light consistency so it is quite easy to blend under the eye. I use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge damp, to blend it out. Be careful to not drag the product to places you don’t want to highlight, because it can get messy!

IT DOES NOT CREASE! I can’t emphasis that enough, a lot of high street under eye concealers tend to crease, but the Prep + Prime does not! So thank you MAC for that!

Its super easy to apply, you twist the bottom of the stick and product comes on top and you straight away put it underneath your eye in an upside down triangle. I don’t put too much on first, once I’ve blended the small amount under my eye, then I go in and apply more if I need to.
My friend Sade from (ShadeyBangs) on YouTube has an excellent make up tutorial on ‘How To Highlight and Contour’

Thing I Didn’t Love! 
One particular thing, I just wasn’t happy about at all was, how it looks in flash photographs.

When I applied the Prep + Prime, and finished the rest of my make up in natural lighting, my make up looked great. BUT, when I took a photograph with the flash on, I just was not happy in the slightest.

The Prep + Prime, created this horrible white shade underneath my eye, which did not look good at all!

I think the Prep + Prime has SPF in the product which might be whats causing that.

HOWEVER, for selfies it looks flawless, so just bare that in mind guys!

If you are going to an occasion where you know there is going to be flash photography, don’t wear foundation/under eye highlight that contains SPF, this is what causes the white flashback on your face.
Wear foundations and undereye highlight without this!

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter £18.50 

Overall rating 8/10

I think a highstreet dupe for the Prep + Prime is the ‘Collection 2000’ under eye highlight. If you guys are not too sure about paying that much for the Prep + Prime. I would definitely try a high street dupe first!

Thank you so much for reading guys, as always let me know if you do try it out and how it worked for you!




John Frieda ‘Luxurious Volume’ Mousse



So guys, I have the thinnest hair and my hair always falls flat after 30 minutes of styling! Do any of you guys get this problem?! I hate always backcombing my hair, because it really damages my hair! THEN I came across the ‘John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse’.

How To Use It:
After you’ve washed your hair, make sure its towel dry. Don’t apply the product when its dripping wet!
Once it’s towel dry, pump a reasonable amount, depending on how long/thick etc your hair is.
Work the mousse from the roots of your hair,to the ends of your hair.
Then style your hair however you want!
I normally blow dry and straighten my hair after I’ve applied the mousse!


My thoughts:
I was super excited when I got my hands on this product and I can’t lie to you guys I thought it was going to turn my thin hair into a crazy voluminous hair. I think I shouldn’t have gone in with unrealistic high expectations!

HOWEVER, it does give me volume and doesn’t let my hair fall flat after 30mins, which I was pretty happy about! After I’ve applied the mousse and blow dried/straighten my hair, it leaves my hair very soft and quite voluminous than usual. Normally when I straighten my hair, it just looks very flat, so the mousse did help with that problem!

BUT guys I would DEFINITELY recommend this, if you’re looking to leave your hair curly. After I’ve applied the mousse and curled my hair, the curls were so bouncy and shiny! So I would definitely repurchase this product for times when I’m going to be leaving my hair curly!

The curlers I use are the ‘BabyLiss Glamour Waves’, the mousse and the curlers are a match made in heaven, because both of them work together to leave my hair with natural bouncy waves, which I LOVE!
(Check out the picture down below)


Ratings for John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse: 6/10

John Frieda ‘Luxurious Volume’ Mousse £5.99, available in Superdrug/Boots/Any supermarkets


Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you’ve used this product before and how it worked for you!


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L’Oreal Nude Magique Anti-Fatigue CC Cream



Before Uni started I was looking for a BB cream/tinted moisturiser that I can wear everyday,  because I hate wearing foundation on a daily basis. The biggest problem I find with BB/CC creams is that, the colour range is so small! (Scroll down for a picture of me wearing it)

The best thing about this L’Oreal Nude Magique CC (Colour Correcting) Cream is that it contains ‘smart pigment capsules.’ This means, the colour once blended, turns into the same colour as your skin tone!! No matter how dark or light your skin is!!! Can you imagine how happy that makes me!!

The CC cream is very light weight. I definitely love wearing it everyday, because it transforms into a foundation, by simply evening out my skin tone. Making it look like your skin but better, who doesn’t love that?!

The CC Cream says that it ‘wakes up the complexion’, this is so TRUE. When I apply this in the morning, I don’t feel the need to wear concealer. The CC Cream, honestly brightens my skin making my face look less tired and partially covers my dark under eye circles!!

The only tiny downside to this cream is that, it’s not super easy to blend. My tip is use a damp beauty blender (I did a review on the ‘Real Techniques Make Up Complexion Sponge‘) or a stippling foundation brush, when applying the CC cream. It makes blending so much easier! Keep blending till it transforms into the colour of your skin tone, which will take a few minutes, and don’t forget to drag it down to your neck.

One last thing about the L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream’ is that as the day goes on, the cream settles into your skin and makes your skin look even better than when you first applied it in the morning!!

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Fatigue, available in Superdrug/Boots or any local drug store – £9.99

Definitely recommend this for any ladies in school, college, university or even working, who don’t like wearing foundation everyday but still want their skin to look flawless!

Enjoy, thanks for reading guys.